Grit : #200 / #400 / #800 / #1500 / #3000

Recommended machine:
· Scrubber dryer machine
· Single disc machine with 150-400 RPM
· Orbital machine
· High-speed burnisher up to 3000 RPM

Epoxy Polish Pad, the general-purpose cleaning pads impregnated Polycrystal Abrasives are available for all stone floors, hard floors and coated floors, all tasks: restoration, stripping, maintenance, cleaning, polishing, buffing and high speed burnishing with all machines: scrubber dryers, orbital machines, single disc machines, and high-speed burnishers.


Its four colors have multiple applications :


· Red-Coarse 1:  For deep cleaning, removing deep scratches and stains to leave a clean and well-prepared surface.
· White-Medium 2: For scrubbing, to remove small scratches and leave a matte-finish look.
· Yellow-Fine 3: For floor maintenance, to leave a satin-finish look.
· Green-XFine 4: For polishing, burnishing or daily cleaning, to leave a high gloss end. Use it on a daily basis, the clarity and shine of the floor will increase and stay longer.

· Available for using as a kit solution or a separate step.


· Eco friendly and Healthy. With water only, it can clean and polish all floors. 
  (Green chemicals also available if necessary)
· Longer-lasting and higher clarity and gloss.
· Fit for all floor cleaning and polishing machines.
· Safer. Provide a more slip-resistant floor after cleaning.
· Cost-saving on consumables, time and labor compared with traditional floor pads.