IMEC AR66B Ride-On Auto Scrubber Machine

Brush Motor : 24V / 400W x 2  
Suction Motor : 24V / 450W  
Brush/Pad Size : 13' x 2  
Working Width : 66cm  
Suction Width : 90cm  
Working Capacity : 3200 m²/Hour  
Solution Tank : 70 Lit  
Recovery Tank : 85 Lit  
Weight : 120 Kg w/o accessories  
Dimension(cm) : 130(L) x 72(W) x 116.5(H)  
Excellent for small places such as traditional doors,supermarkets checkouts and elevators
Addtional compartment to carry cleaning tools 
Electromagnetic brake device make it more secure to stop at the ramp or slope
Part of squeegee is made of glass iron which make it more durable

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