Water-based, water-repellent impregnating and hardening sealer to aid mechanical polishing of concrete floors

CONCRETE HARDENER is a water-based impregnating and hardening sealer of the highest quality, specifically developed to speed up and simplify the mechanical sanding and polishing process of concrete floors, which are more difficult to polish on account of their porous nature and their high capacity to absorb water. CONCRETE HARDENER is characterised by a 100% water-based, eco-friendly formula and for its lack of volatile organic compounds (V.O.C. Free), therefore, its use is not harmful to the environment or for the health of users, either during or after application.

CONCRETE HARDENER, when used as part of the sanding and polishing process, offers various benefits:

- It consolidate and harden the material as it increases the hardness of the treated surface; and provides better mechanical resistance against abrasion and scratches.
- It drastically limits water absorption on the floor and prevents all of the problems linked to excessive moisture in the concrete; 
- It also speeds up the drying time required by the surface before it can be subjected to other processing or treatment. 
- It speeds up the mechanical sanding and polishing process, allowing the operator to treat larger surfaces within the same amount of time than would be possible on untreated materials, as it reduces the friction between the surface and the polishing tool. 
- It significantly reduces wear and tear to polishing tools as well as the amount of water needed to complete the job. 
- Material is given pronounced damp proof properties; 
- Surfaces become water-repellent; 
- It reduces the possibility of dirt build up on the material 
- The performance of any stain-proofing product applied afterwards is significantly increased. 
- It also increases the results achieved by the polishing grain used.

The specific characteristics of this CONCRETE HARDENER is that it penetrates the concrete deep down, hardening and ensuring tough, lasting protection against rising damp, which is responsible for most of the problems generally found with this material: persistent damp marks, formation of rust, flaking and pop-ups, and saline efflorescence, which are responsible for attacking the surface. CONCRETE HARDENER also does not compromise the original breathability of the surface, since it does not create any type of film or alter the original appearance of the material.

CONCRETE HARDENER is a definitive solution, as it can withstand the action of de-waxing products and it is also certified for contact with foods and therefore, is a valid solution for protecting kitchen worktops. CONCRETE HARDENER can be combined with a surface stain-proofer to achieve maximum performance; it will act as a primer to maximise the effectiveness and durability of the stain-proofing treatment applied successively.